New Book Grounded Now Available! 

We know deep within us that contact with nature is good for our psychological and physical health. A mountain of scientific evidence confirms that it reduces stress, relieves attention fatigue, eases depression and anxiety, and fosters creativity. Interactions with the natural world can ground us, offer a sense of belonging, deepen the roots of resilience, and enhance our sensory awareness that contributes to feeling fully alive.

After all – We Are Nature!

But at no time in our species’ history have we been more removed for the natural world. With back-to-back Zoom meetings and our phones in constant reach, we average nearly 12 hours each day connected to some form of media. Research shows that people who report strong connectedness to nature are happier and are more likely to report feeling that life is worthwhile. So how do we find the time to integrate the natural world into our already busy lives?

Through writing prompts, beautiful art, inspiring quotes, and surprising scientific findings, Grounded invites you to create some of these essential interactions with the natural world, and offers ways to easily bring nearby nature into your home and daily life.

Grounded is available now. Please visit the Simon & Schuster webpage here.

“Pat Hasbach is one of America’s—and the world’s—leading voices in ecopsychology. Her prescriptions here, delivered with kindness, are as ancient as they are new, and filled with the spirit of rebirth.” 

Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, Vitamin N, and Our Wild Calling

“What a beautiful and wonderful book! Ecotherapist Dr. Patricia Hasbach gifts us with a lovely treasure trove of do-able daily practices to help us include essential nature-connection activities in our everyday lives. Flip it open to a fresh page each morning and awaken your senses to intimate, embodied awareness of our oneness with Earth and the cosmos.”

Linda Buzzell, co-editor Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind