Approach to Therapy

Dr. Hasbach employs an eclectic, integrative approach to therapy, recognizing that every client is unique. Grounded in a holistic perspective (mind-body-spirit connection), she blends cognitive behavioral theory with interpersonal and client-centered techniques. Support, insight, and motivational strategies are used to encourage each person to connect with their own natural, internal wisdom and strength.

Dr. Hasbach also employs the practices and principles of Ecopsychology which recognizes that our inner world and the outer world are deeply connected.  This application of ecopsychological practices is sometimes called ecotherapy.  For some clients, this means their sessions are held outdoors.  For others, it means they may have homework assignments between sessions that invite them outdoors. Ecotherapy opens the door to experiences in the natural world and maps those experiences onto one’s internal landscape, enriching the therapeutic process.