Dr. Hasbach has developed the curriculum for several graduate level courses. For the past eight years, she has been an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Education & Counseling at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. She currently teaches these graduate courses: Introduction to Ecopsychology & Environmental Identity, Theoretical & Empirical Basis of Ecopsychology, and Ecotherapy & Applied Ecopsychology. She has also taught the graduate course, Applied Ecopsychology at Antioch University in Seattle, WA. Additionally, she has taught graduate courses on the Foundations of Ecopsychology and Advanced Abnormal Psychology. Dr. Hasbach has also been a guest instructor at the University of Washington, Oregon State University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Hasbach has developed and taught a number of continuing education courses for professional counselors, therapists, and social workers. She regularly teaches a 6 credit CE course, Prescribing Nature: Incorporating Ecotherapy Methods into Your Clinical Practice, at the Center for Community Engagement at Lewis & Clark College.

Dr. Hasbach offers workshops with a focus on the human-nature relationship and has a special interest in children’s relationship with the natural world. She has been a regular speaker at the Children & Nature Network annual conference.  She is also working on the development of a Nature Language that articulates interaction patterns between people and the natural world. She is currently exploring applications of a Nature Language in education, in counseling and therapy, and in urban planning and architectural design.

Here is what students are saying about Dr. Hasbach’s classes:

“Absolutely love the welcoming learning environment, experiential work and opportunities for discussion. I think the space was created for deep learning and sharing. I only wish we had more time.”-Graduate student, 2011


“I honestly cannot think of anything that could have been “better”. Honestly, this was such a well-organized, concise, and well-rounded weekend in the classroom.”– Graduate student, 2011


“Exceptional facilitation – creating a positive group/sharing environment. This should be a critical component of the counseling curriculum requirements – gives us something beyond culture & society – a meta-system to use to relate to one another and our journey in the human condition. Thank you!”- Graduate student, 2011


“Pat is obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about this work, which to me is inspiring.”- Graduate student, 2012


“Pat has personal experience and expertise to share which was great. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and approachable and overall wonderful. She’s great at sparking discussions.”- Graduate student, 2012


“Overall the most balanced course of my graduate course experience – knowledge/experience, theory/practice, and warmth, therapeutic personality/ high standard of professionalism”- Graduate student, 2013


“Exceptional clarity! Very knowledgeable! A great facilitator: compassionate, present, and very sensitive to group interests and needs! I so appreciate so much relevant information shared from personal research and professional experience.”- Graduate student, 2013


“An excellent workshop, well paced with exciting information.  Thank you!” – CE workshop participant, 2015


“Thank you for being so wonderfully mindful and engaging.” – CE workshop participant, 2015


“This is a challenging, but fantastic course. I could see this being valuable to students from any track, but especially rich
for those who have gone through the ecopsychology certificate sequence.” – Graduate student, 2016


“The course was divided between two weekends which gave us a lot of time to mull over the education we were
receiving. The course was at times very hands on and experiential which helped to solidify concepts.” – Graduate student, 2016


“Great class!  Amazing instructor!” – Graduate student, 2016